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Fritze Family Tree

This website is dedicated to the father of Andreas Fritze whose name is not yet known

This all started several years ago with plans for a book that could be printed for family members. Siblings and cousins started asking what I'd found and when I was going share. However, it quickly became apparent that the book would be too unwieldy to maintain much less print. Even then, not only would it ultimately exceed 2000 pages, but there was the obvious problem of how to handle historic documents and photographs. Pictures printed by the Legacy® program, the chosen family data storage software, were too small to be truly useful.

The idea for a website was born very soon after that. The data stored in Legacy® can be exported as a GEDCOM file which can then be imported into a database. A program was developed using the Java programming language to transfer the data to a MySQL database. It was then only another step to create a Java program that would generate the outline style index, an index for GenDexNetwork.org, and the .html files for webpages for each family. In this case, a "family" is pretty much spouse and partner, with or without children, except that single people who never marry and never have children are also "families". The reason for the extension is to provide the ability to show events in the person's life and the ability to show the sources of the various genealogical facts.

Major surnames on these pages include FRITZE, OSTHEIM, MUELLER, EGGLINTON, MARQUARDT, HENGEL, BARTEL, PETENBORG, WOKER, HAGER, STELTER, SCHROEDER, SCHULDT, ALTENBURG, BRASE, KASPAR, CIZEK, SEDLACEK, CHADEK, PETRUS, CURDA, MARES, ENGLISH, WHITE, NEILSON, PORTER, ELLISON, PERRY, and BAILY. The tree is by no means complete; additional work is ongoing. Additional names will be added to this list as they appear.

Concern for Privacy

Sources of Documents

Alphabetical Index

An alphabetical index is provided. Clicking on an underlined name shows the Family Group Page, all the good details about the family composition and where that information came from, for that union. From there, there are links to the family group pages for the individual's other marriages and to others, Parents and siblings and children, both bloodline and non-bloodline, who are connected in some way to the family tree.

Use your browser's "Find" function to search the Alphabetical Index page.

Clicking on an underlined name in this list shows the same Family Group Page that is found by using the outline index.

The Outline Index

"The Outline" link here will take the user to a decendency outline index starting with the family formed by the most ancient male in the Fritze bloodline. The outline number follows the d'Aboville system, a common generational indexing system, where the most ancient progenitor in the main (Fritze) blood line is assigned the number "1." His oldest child is numbered by adding a period and a number, i.e.-"1.1". His second child is numbered by increasing the last node, i.e.-"1.2". A node is added for each generation and the number in a node identifies the birth order in that generation. The similarity to an outline should be apparent.

Clicking on an outine number, like "1.1.1" (Rev. Johann Andreas Fritze), will skip to the next higher index number at that same level, in this case "1.1.2" (Johann Fritze). The sequential numbering within a node extends across multiple marriages. Note that the name of the spouse (or partner) in the bloodline is not numbered and is shown in italics. Children with a given spouse are shown directly below the spouse and the numbers for her children continue the sequence for that generation. For example, the numbering of the children for "1.1" (Johann Georg Michael Fritze) continue through the five children, the last a stillbirth, by his first wife. The sequence continues for the two children by his second wife which are numbered "1.1.6" and "1.1.7." Clicking "1.1.5" (Baby Fritze) will take the reader to "1.1.6" (Baby Fritze).

Multiple marriages are incorporated into the sequence as well, i.e.-if the links are followed, a person may appear twice in the chain. For example, clicking on "1.1" (Johann Georg Michael Fritze) takes on to "1.1" (Johann Georg Michael Fritze). The first instance is his marriage to Maria Sophia Roesch while the second is his marriage to Anna Sophia Holch.

The highest order number, the one before the first period, identifies the bloodline and becomes the number of the most ancient male relative in that bloodline. So number "1." is the number of the most ancient known progenitor in the Fritze bloodline, Andreas Fritze. His spouse, Maria Margaretha Heinz is in the second bloodline and her father, Johann Sabastian Heinz, the most ancient known male in that bloodline, is given the number "2." Her mother's father is unknown and so her mother, Margaretha Christina, has been assigned the outline number "3." Maria Margaretha receives an outline number one generation removed from her father, "2.1", because she is the first (known) offspring of the most ancient progenitor in bloodline "2." Clicking her name in the outline shows the same Family Group as clicking Andreas' name.

The outline is paternal meaning children are listed as numbered individuals under their fathers and sublisted under their mothers. The mothers do appear in the outline under their fathers with an outline number. While multiple husbands in a maternal line are shown, the list of a woman's children sublisted by father is not shown as problems with the programming currently prevent doing this.

Notice number "1.1" belongs to Johann Georg Michael Fritze, oldest (actually, only known) decendent of Andreas Fritze. Number "1.1.1" is Johann Georg Michael's oldest offspring, Rev. Johann Andreas Fritze who emigrated to the United States in about 1850 and was quite prominent in the formation of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

Orphan List

Also listed are people who were discovered in the research who may or might not be related. For want of a better term, these people are referred to here as "orphans." They are listed in the Alphabetical Index with an asterisk (*) in front of their name and are enumerated in this "orphan" list separately for convenience. If you have information which might help tie these people into the family tree, please share it by contacting me through the contact form below.

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